Minor Plus


No. Once you are Minorplus member, it's a lifetime membership with no expiry date. However, the status of the card and benefits are subjected to your spending. The review of the membership status will be done on an annual basis after 12 months from the date of the first use of the card.

(Example: If the Card has been used in September 2013, the review of the membership status will be done on 31 August 2014).
MinorPlus is a reward membership program. Card members receive points for any purchase at any of the participating brands under Minor Corperation:  Bossini, Charles&Keith, Pedro, Esprit, RedEarth,  Tumi, and Henckel J.A.Zwilling with more than 200 sale unit across nationwide.
Yes. Reward Points earned within each year of membership will be valid for another 1.6 years from the date of review.

(Example: If you registered in September 2013. We will review your Reward Point balance on 31 August of each year. Reward Point earned from September 2013 to 31 August 2014 will expire on 28 February 2015. Reward Point earned from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2015 will expire on 28 February 2016, and so on).
Each card member can hold one card only.
The points cannot be transferable. Each card member can hold one card only.
Points can be collected on all items; regular and discount price or even during promotion period.
The redeemed points could be exchanged into discount voucher, product voucher, other vouchers for example hotels, spa, food, petrol and others.
Every 1 Bath purchased will equal to 1 point earned (from all branches of participating brands except the promotion which held out of regular location)
Redemption points will not involve with the accumulated purchase that use to define status of member. Redeemed points will reduce the accumulated points whereas the accumulated purchase will impact the member status.

For example:
Customer has accumulated purchase of 15,000 baht, thus the status will be Silver Plus, with accumulated points of 15,000 points
Customer redeems discount voucher worth of 1,000 baht with 10,000 points
As a result, outstanding accumulated points will be 5,000 points, with the Silver Plus status.
Not to worry, even if you lose your card, your points will still remain on your balance. Simply visit one of our participating outlets and ask for a new card (100 THB fee for new card issued).
You can still earn points even though you forgot the card. Just inform our staff your registered mobile number before payment.
Upon the completion of transaction, system has recorded and closed the sale transaction. Points cannot be earned later. To earned your point, please provide card number or mobile number before payment.
Be sure to let us know if your personal details change, so we can keep you up to date with rewards, new promotions,newsletters and benefits. To update your details please use your username and password provided.If you have forgotten your password, please click here.
You can inform our staff at any shop of participating brands.
Upon the registration in www.minorpluscard.com, you will receive SMS to confirm your register.
Registration is the confirmation to claim your point for any redemption. Without the registration, you cannot redeem your rewards. However, you still earn point.
Do not worry, you can get new password by visiting www.minorplus.com and choose "Forget password". However, there is a limitation in number of new password request. To avoid this limitation, please set your password easy to remember or record at place you can reach easily and do not share your password with anyone.
You can use discount voucher, Birthday voucher and Tier Adjustment Voucher at all Free Standing Stores only (cannot use at counters in Department Store or Outlets).
Voucher will apply to normal price product only and it cannot be used with any other in-store promotions.
Upon the completion of transaction, voucher will be recorded as used and blocked in system, thus voucher cannot be cancelled. However if the transaction is in progress, voucher can be cancelled.
Voucher is valid for 1 month after redemption in website, and expiry date is identified in SMS, please kindly check before using.
Showing SMS is to confirm the ownership of voucher. Without the SMS , staff cannot identify your ownership, thus you cannot use the voucher.
In case of accidentally deleting SMS from mobile or changing new mobile phone before using voucher, you can request for new SMS at participating locations. (However we reserve the right in issuing new SMS only if the information provide is completed and precised and please inform 2 days in advance)